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1. ΤΣΑΚ ΜΠΑΜ VII- 6b 7 10 1

Short open corner climb.

by D.Tsitsikas and D.Titopoulos

2. ΧΡΥΣΑ VII+ 6c+ 11 20 1

Sustained climb with a characteristic diffculty of find the proper line

by D.Titopoulos, D.Tsitsikas and C.Stathaki

3. BΡΑΧΥΣ ΑΙΩΝ VIII+ 7a+ 10 20 2

Demanding upper half on spaced bolting due to unsuitable rock .

by D.Titopoulos and G.Delakovias

4. ΚΛΟΙΟΣ VIII- 6c+ 7 15 2

Several short buldges. More difficult clipping of the chain for shorter climbers .

by D.Titopoulos and G.Delakovias


Starts on a beautiful red rock on small pockets .

by D.Titopoulos

6. ΩΡΑ ΑΙΧΜΗΣ VI+ 6a+ 7 16 2

Popular route. Starts hard on pockets followed by long moves .

by D.Titopoulos and G.Delakovias

7. ΚΑΤΑΛΛΗΛΗ VI+ 6a+ 12 20 3

Suitable for all styles. Varied climb on arrete, face,corner .

by D.Titopoulos and G.Delakovias

8. ΔΙΑΥΓΕΙΑ VII- 6b 12 20 2

Easy start on a ramp followed by a sustained crimpy part.

by D.Titopoulos and D.Klaoudatou

9. ΠΟΙΗΤΗΣ VI 6a 12 20 2

Beautiful moves to the crux where ytou have to decide to go left or... right.

by D.Titopoulos and D.Klaoudatou

10. 4H ΣΤΑΣΗ VIII- 6c+ 11 20 2

4th stop. You can wait for the bus here. Sustained climbing with sidepulls on a beautiful grey rock.

by D.Titopoulos and D.Klaoudatou

11. ΚΟΡΑΛΙ VIII+ 7a+ 10 18 3

Hard and beautiful! Starts hard up to the third bolt (where you grab the bull s balls ) and continues with sustained difficulty.

by D.Titopoulos and D.Klaoudatou