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1. ΠΑΡΟΛΙΓΟ VII- 6b 17 35 1

Starts in easy ramp leading to a slab with crimps with a final pass from the left.

by D.Titopoulos,D.Tsitsikas,G.Koukis and P.Livanos

2. ΧΟΡΤΑΣΤΙΚΗ VII 6b+ 17 35 2

Starts with slab followed by a fingery crux between the 7th and 8th bolt and conitnues to a buldge, a ledge and an open corner. Long climb!

by D.Titopoulos,D.Tsitsikas and G.Delakovias

3. ΕΝΤΑΣΗ VIII+ 7a+ 16 28 2

ENTASH=intensity. An intensive climb with slopers and small holes with a crux at the end.

by D.Titopoulos,D.Tsitsikas and G.Koukis

4. ΚΑΛΙΓΟΥΛΑΣ VIII+ 7a+ 14 28 3

Starts in a slab with slopers continuing on a juggy buldge.Above the ledge becomes harder on small pockets and sloppers up to the top.

by D.Titopoulos and D.Klaoudatou

5. ΑΝΤΙΔΟΤΟ VIII+ 7a 14 25 3

Fantastic climbing on small holds and big holes with a crux at the top

by D.Titopoulos and D.Klaoudatou

6. TI KANEIS VIII+ 7b 15 35 3

Start between Antidoto and the big tufa than go up right to the top of the wall via the overhang with good holds except a short section and the last move on crack.

by Claude and Christine Remy