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1. ΑΕΡΑΚΙ V+|V 5c+|5b 7|7 15|15 1

Suitable for multipitch training for beginners

L1: Long moves in jugs.

L2: Good hand and foot holds.

2. ΙΕΡΟ ΧΩΜΑ VI- 5c+ 11 20 1

Unusual climbing in slabby footholds.

by D.Titopoulos and P.Livanos


Starts with grey corner and continues with sustained climbing to the top.

by D.Titopoulos

4. ΞΕΠΕΤΑ VI- 5c+ 6 10 1

Sustained climbing in a short wall. Xepeta means quick

by D.Titopoulos

5. ΤΕΡΕΣ V+ 5c 10 18 1

Two slabs. The first looks fragile but it is not, the second is much more beautiful.

by D.Titopoulos and G.Rekkas

6. ΚΟΥΡΑΣΜΕΝΟΣ V+ 5c 9 18 1

Starts with a nice corner with big holds. After the ledge, pass the slab from the right to avoid loose rock.

by D.Titopoulos and P.Livanos

7. TZA V 5b 10 15 1

Named after a fantastic dog. Two slabs, each with a different color.

by D.Titopoulos and G.Delakovias

8. ΠΑΙΔΙΚΗ IV 4b 12 15 1

Low angle wall with big holds. Suitable for children

by D.Titopoulos and G.Delakovias