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1. Name UIAA FR bolts height(m) stars
1. ΚΗΠΟΥΡΟΣ V 5a 14 1

Very easy corner with small holds, a lot of flowers and dense bolting.

by D.Klaoudatou


Easy slab climbing at first, then passing the crux on the right on small holds.

by G.Aliferis and D.Titopoulos

3. ΜΕΡΟΚΑΜΑΤΟ V+ 5c 12 1

Very easy in the mid-point then an imteresting crux with small holds below the belay.

by D.Titopoulos G.Aliferis and D.Klaoudatou



by D.Titopoulos

5. ΤΣΑΚΑΛΙ VIII- 6c+ ? 20 2

Hard start followed by a wall with small crimps and beautiful finale below the belay .

by D.Tsitsikas and G.Aliferis

6. ΔΙΕΔΡΙΚΗ ΑΠΑΤΗ VIII-| 6c+|7b 15 20|43 2

L1: Beautiful and hard start with holds on corners and sloppers followed by impressive corner with small holes for underclings and difficult footwork to the end

by G.Aliferis

L2: Trad extension.

by G.Toreli

7. ΜΠΟΥΜΠΟΥ VII+ 6c|7c 11| 20|45 3

L1: Very beautiful climbing alternating between ramp, crimpy wall and tufas. Easier for taller climbers.

by D.Tsitsikas and G.Maniatis

L2: Trad extension.

by G.Toreli

8. ΚΡΙΘΕΑΣ IX 7b+ 12 20 2

L1: Starting with nice alernating moves in small cracks with crimps with the crux below the belay.

by D.Titopoulos and G.Aliferis

L2: Extension(Project).

by G.Toreli

9. ΜΥΡΤΩΟ ΠΕΛΑΓΟΣ VII+ 7a+ 14 25 3

L1: Starts in steep wall continuing in small corner with crimps and small pockets with a characteristic undercling on a tufa in the crux.

by D.Tsitsikas and P.Koumoutsakos

L2: Continues in dihedral crack (Project)

by G.Toreli

10. ΘΑΛΑΣΣΑ ΚΥΘΗΡΩΝ ? ? ? 20 2

L1: Starts in overghanging crimpy wall with small holes and in the characteristic tufa underclings continues right in hard wall with loose bolting to the belay.

by ?????

L2: Project

by G.Toreli

11. ΑΓΙΟΣ ΝΙΚΟΛΑΟΣ IX 7c 14 30 3

Small holds on tufas in the beginning then crimpy wall tothe belay Very demanding (finger-strength!)

by D.Tsitsikas and P.Koumoutsakos

12. DHMHTRA VII+ 6c 15 30 4

Fantastic grove climbing with beautiful moves in crimps and tufa blobs.

by D.Titopoulos

13. 3/4 ΚΑΡΥΔΙΑ VII- 6b 15 30 2

Alternates between corner and groove with trhe crux at the end. Crux on the last bolt.

by D.Titopoulos and P.Mavridis

14. ΟΠΑ VII+ 6c 10 20 1

Technical hard crux in the beginning followed by jugs that need attention for loose rocks.

by D.Titopoulos, G. Koukis and D.Klaoudatou

15. ΒΟΥΡΟΓΙΩΡΓΗΣ Ο ΠΕΙΡΑΤΗΣ VI|IX- 6a|7b/7b+ 12|? 25|35 1

L1: Unpredictable like a pirate .Needs balancy moves for avoiding loose rocks with good holds on jugs and corners.

by D.Titopoulos, G. Koukis and D.Klaoudatou

L2: ?

by G.Toreli

16. ΦΑΡΜΑΚΟΤΡΙΦΤΗΣ VI+ 6a+ 15 30 2

Beautiful climbing with big huecos, tufas and a crux 2 bolts below the belay

by D.Titopoulos, G. Koukis and D.Klaoudatou

17. ΓΙΟΓΚΙ ΓΕΩΠΟΝΟΣ VIII- 6c+ 11 28 2

Special technical crux in the second bolt with small holds and sloppers followed by a rest and then long moves on a flake to the belay.

by D.Titopoulos, G. Koukis and D.Klaoudatou

18. ΜΕΛΟΜΕΝΟ ΚΟΤΣΙ VII+ 6c 14 30 4

Exchange of colors and feelings in a special groove climbing in jugs and good rest positions expressing deep feelings of gratitude.

by D.Titopoulos, G. Koukis and D.Klaoudatou

19. ΟΙΚΟΝΟΜΟΛΟΓΟΣ VII 6b+ 7 25 2

Starts with beautiful corner continuing on slab with good holds ending in a huge flake

by D.Titopoulos, G. Koukis and D.Klaoudatou

20. Ο ΒΟΙΑΣ VII+|VIII|IX- 6c|7a|7b 12|9|15 30|20|30 2

L1: Starts with a dyno at the 4th bolt continuing on crimps jugs and rest on a big hole.

L2: Starts on crimps and pockets for some meters finishing on a wall with good holds.

L3: Follows with runout bolting in wall until the bulgy crux.

by C.Orphanoudakis

21. ΚΑΒΟ ΜΑΛΙΑΣ VIII|VIII+ 7a|7a+ 14|11 30|20 2

L1: Starting as the route on the left with a dyno for the hole from a crimp. Follows on a hard crux on the right with good holds until the belay.

L2: Starts on big tufa surrounded by smooth wall with small pockets continuing on on crimps slab for 6-7 meters and then easier to the belay.

by C.Orphanoudakis

22. ΡΙΠΗ ΑΝΕΜΟΥ IX 7c ? 20 3

Exciting route requiring finger strength with dynos, difficult footwork and characteristic crimps .

by G.Toreli

23. ΛΕΛΟΣ VII 6b+ 9 25 1

Crack with only few good holds followed by an easy ramp to the end. Not very well bolted.

by C.Hatzis

24. Ο ΚΥΒΟΣ ΕΡΡΙΦΘΗ VIII+ 7a+ 9 25 1

Hard start with finger pockets followed by a flake and a slab. Attention: First bolt too high.

by C.Hatzis

25. ΖΟΜΠΟΛΟ VII 6b+ 10 25 2

Starts with two special very thin cracks followed by holes with an easy final buldge Attention: 4th bolt too far

by C.Hatzis

26. ΝΕΡΑΙΔΑ V|VI 5a|6a 5|13 15|25 4

The most beautiful route with two pitches that can be climbed as one with a 70m rope for rappel to the ground [or two rappels]

by D.Titopoulos, G. Koukis and D.Klaoudatou

27. ΑΘΗΝΑΙΟΣ VII+ 6c 12 25 3

Starts with easy corner and continues with a hard crimpy slab.

by D.Titopoulos, G.Aliferis and G. Koukis